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How to hold your own screening on MND/ALS Global Awareness Day, 21 June 2013.

Can I hold a screening?


Anyone can take part on Global Screening Day by requesting to screen the film in their venue and country of choice – individuals, societies, charities, clubs, companies, agencies, venue managers, people sitting at home with a bunch of friends… all are welcome.

Start the dialogue by registering your interest with this form. You can proceed to book your copy through our player and publish your event on our website.

What kind of venue can I screen in?


Anywhere can become a screening venue – a local cinema (multiplex or independent), village halls, pubs, outdoor places, university lecture theatres, company boardrooms, and so on. Be imaginative!

Check if a venue has screening equipment or if you need to organise your own projector and speakers.

Make a provisional booking with the venue as soon as you can.

We cannot provide you with venues or equipment but may be able to assist you in finding solutions.

How can I access and screen the film?


You can book the right copy for your screening, according to delivery medium and audience size, through this online tool connected to our embeddable video player. You can also share this tool on your own website or blog so that other people can again book their own screenings when they come across your site. 

If you're not sure yet, simply register your interest here and we'll be in touch.

Downloadable video files will be the most common way to access the film, but we also cater to those who require a different format, such as larger venues or cinemas.

You should then publish your event on our website. For promotion, you can use the images and the poster from our Media page.

How long is the film?


The film is 73 minutes long.

After this, you may want to add time for a discussion with an expert or for playing the recorded Q&A with the filmmakers from our UK premiere (approx. 20 minutes).

What languages is the film available in?


If you book a downloadable file for your screening, you'll be sent a choice of download links for versions with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Hungarian. 

If you require a DVD for your screening, these are typically sent out without subtitles but we can send you one with English subtitles if you specifically request it. On our BluRays, English subtitles can be switched on and off. If you require any other language, please use the downloadable files or contact us before booking your copy.

Is it suitable for everyone to watch?


I AM BREATHING shows, as truthfully as possible, the last few months of Neil's life. Softened in parts by Neil's sense of humour, this remains a very honest portrayal of the devastating affects of MND/ALS and as such it may not be suitable for young children. Do give consideration to ensuring that everyone invited to your screening is aware in advance of the subject matter, especially if they are living with MND themselves or caring for someone who has the disease – the website includes more information and a trailer to help people get a good idea in advance of what the film is like.

Or, as Slant Magazine put it:

"Platt's dry sense of humor gives the film some nice breaths of lightness, which is necessary, as even watching his most quotidian routines reek with the inescapable presence of mortality. Yet the film feels more philosophical than emotional, and its goal doesn't seem to be to make viewers cry at the unjustness of such a painful death. In fact, it seems to celebrate the honorability and joy with which Platt finished out his life."

When can I screen the film?


For maximum impact, we would like as many people as possible to hold a screening some time on 21 June 2013, MND/ALS Global Awareness Day. However, the film will still be available for community screenings and larger events after this date.

A general DVD and video-on-demand release will follow later this year.


When do I need to book this by?


If you haven't done so already, you should register your interest as soon as possible to start the dialogue with us.

You can then proceed to book the right copy for your audience size.

Downloads will be available right away but keep in mind these are very large files so you should download the file a couple of days in advance of your event and test your set up. When screening from DVD or BluRay, please allow up to 10 days for shipping, depending on how far from Scotland you are.

How much does it cost me to hold a screening?


We ask the hosts of a screening to make a contribution to MND awareness and our outreach with the film, depending on the size of the screening. This will enable us to –

  • cover the cost of providing you with a copy of the film and publicising all screenings,
  • enable us to support screenings in as many places as possible, including those areas of the world where hosts wouldn't be able to afford this fee,
  • reach out to even more partners working on MND/ALS awareness around the world, and
  • gain maximum publicity.

Just like Neil Platt said –

"We have yet to reach millions."

None of the partners involved in this campaign will make any profits from it. Any net proceeds from screening fees will be used to fund MND/ALS research (50%) and further outreach work with the film (50%).

The contribution we ask for will vary depending on what format you choose to screen from and on your audience size. For video downloads, we ask you to pay

  • £50 ($85) for mid-size community screenings with up to 100 people, or
  • £100 ($170) for larger public screenings.

If you require a DVD or a BluRay disc these costs will be a bit higher. You can see all options in our booking tool. (If you are a cinema operator and require a DCP, please contact us for pricing.)

Please note that the option to host small screenings for up to 20 people was only available around Global Awareness Day. A general DVD and video-on-demand release will follow later this year. If you haven't done so already, please sign up to get notified about the release.

Keep in mind that you may need to pay for a venue as well, but on the other hand you could also charge an entry fee or ask for donations. For example, if you have 50 people coming to your event, it should be very easy to raise £50 from them to pay for the download. 

If you live somewhere in the world or are in a situation where these costs seem too high, please contact us anyway and we will do our best to find a solution.

For MND Association members, branches and groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the film can be provided at no charge as a download (or, if that doesn't work for you, on DVD). Simply provide us with your membership number when registering, and we will send you a voucher to book your copy.

If you know roughly how big your audience is going to be and what format you want to use, you'll be able to book your copy now.

How does the film help with fundraising?

  • We ask for donations on this website. Half of every donation will help extend the outreach campaign around the film, and the other half will go straight to our partners at the MND Association. You and/or your audience can donate here.

  • Any surplus of income we receive from screening fees will also be shared equally to fund further outreach work with the film as well as MND/ALS research. We will not make any profits from this campaign.

  • We have an online tool that makes booking your own screening very simple. Partners such as MND/ALS charities embedding this tool on their own website and social media will receive a share of the fee for any screening booked through them. Please contact us if you are interested in being a partner, and we'll set this up for you.

  • You can sell tickets to your event. If you do, we'd ask you to donate any surplus from that to an MND/ALS charity in your region or country. If you've got a link where people can purchase tickets, you can enter it when you publish your event.

  • You can also ask for donations to an MND/ALS charity after the screening.

How are the filmmakers promoting Global Screening Day?

  • We will post all events on the film's website, and if your screening is public, people will be able to RSVP for your event through our site.

  • We will provide you with materials, tips and contacts to promote your own screening.

  • We are working with media partners to maximise coverage in the days leading up to Global Screening Day. First reviews of the film have been really positive.

  • We are promoting Global Screening Day through our website, social media, email outreach, and partner organisations.

  • Our online tool allows everyone to book a screening with a few easy steps. This tool can also be easily embedded on partner websites, maximising our outreach.

  • Since the anniversary of Neil Platt's death on 25 February, we have been republishing his blogThe Plattitude, sharing a post almost every day in the run-up to Global Screening Day.

  • Edinburgh International Film Festival will host the UK premiere of the film on 20 June, the eve of Global Screening Day.

  • The Edinburgh screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers, Neil’s family and expert speakers involved in MND/ALS research. We will make this available for worldwide streaming on our website on 21 June.  You will be able to show this video in addition to the film at your own convenience. 

What can I do to promote my own screening?

  • Promote the screening in advance using social media. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #iambreathing in combination with #MND or #ALS. If you're on Facebook, download our Global Day banner image and make it your profile's banner in the run-up to 21 June.

  • Set up a public Facebook event for your screening and let us know so we can sync RSVPs for your event listing on our website with your Facebook event. 
  • Download, print and put up the poster for the film. 

  • Contact local press (if your screening is a public one). Point them to the Media section of this website which has a press kit and still images.

  • Have a panel discussion, Q&A session or guest speaker to talk before or after the film. For example, we can help find someone in your region that is involved in a local organisation, or an MND/ALS researcher or clinician.

  • Share and embed the film’s video player which will also enable people elsewhere to book their self-hosted screenings wherever they are.

How can my audience support MND research and care?


We encourage you to make the most of your screening by getting your audience further engaged in learning about the disease and playing their part in helping fight back against MND/ALS.

  • Invite local politicians, public figures and decision-makers to attend the screening, to raise their understanding about MND/ALS and how the healthcare system can provide the best possible help to people living with the disease and their carers.

  • If you don't have local guest speakers, consider playing the streaming video of a Q&A session with filmmakers, family, and MND experts which will have been recorded at the Edinburgh International Film Festival the night before Global Screening Day.
  • Invite audience members to sign the MND Charter, which calls for five basic rights to be upheld for all people with MND, from early diagnosis to support at the end of life.

  • Invite people to make a donation to the MND/ALS charity in your region or country. Or have refreshments on hand, and ask for donations in return for these, which can then be passed to your local MND/ALS organisation.

  • For people holding screenings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the MND Association can provide more help and materials to maximize the impact of your event.

Who is behind this campaign?


Scottish Documentary Institute is an internationally recognised research centre at Edinburgh College of Art specialised in documentary training, production and distribution. SDI Productions made I AM BREATHING in co-production with Danish Documentary.

Our mission is to stimulate and inspire the documentary scene through creative excellence and international outlook. Our films have played at major film festivals, such as Sundance, Cannes, Hot Docs, Tribeca, Full Frame, Silverdocs, IDFA, Cinéma du Reel, Vision du Réel, and Leipzig, and they have picked up major awards and nominations.

Discover other documentaries made in Scotland at

The MND Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that funds and promotes global research into the disease and provides support for people affected by MND.

We fund and promote cutting-edge research to find the causes of MND and identify treatments. We provide care and support, for example through our helpline, financial support and equipment loan services. We also raise awareness of MND and campaign hard for improvements in health and social care. 

All of us at the MND Association share a vision of a world free of MND. Our work relies on the generosity of our supporters and the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. Find out more at

Edinburgh International Film Festival, established in 1947, is renowned around the world for discovering and promoting the very best in international cinema – and for heralding and debating changes in global filmmaking.

Intimate in its scale, ambitious in its scope, and fuelled by pure passion for cinema in all its manifestations, EIFF seeks to spotlight the most exciting and innovative new film talent, in a setting steeped in history.


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