Celebrating our triple BAFTA Scotland nomination with... a DVD release!

It was announced this morning that, in addition to the Cineworld Audience Award, I AM BREATHING is nominated in two other BAFTA Scotland categories, Best Single Documentary and Best Directors.

What a great day to celebrate the news with our DVD release in the UK and many other countries! Many of you have been asking us for this for a long time.

So here you go, just use the Distrify player above to order the DVD. Keep in mind that prices include shipping. DVDs are mailed worldwide from the U.S. so please allow around two weeks for delivery.

BRT_DVD_cover.pngAnd as with our streaming offer, we invite you to top up your order with an optional donation to MND awareness, care and research. Here is a video that explains why we ask for such donations.

Use in education and other institutions

In addition to the DVD for personal use, we're also offering the DVD with a licence for educational or institutional use (as long as this use is not public and not commercial). The money raised through this will be invested in the development of a more comprehensive educational pack, including additional videos and teaching materials. Here's a survey you can use to tell us what this pack should include. Purchasers of the current educational DVD will be invited to upgrade to the full educational pack.

The sliding-scale donation top-up is the next stage of the Portable Fundraiser, a toolset being developed by Scottish Documentary Institute and Distrify, funded through Nesta R&D Scotland.

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