How does the film help with fundraising?

  • We ask for donations on this website. Half of every donation will help extend the outreach campaign around the film, and the other half will go straight to our partners at the MND Association. You and/or your audience can donate here.

  • Any surplus of income we receive from screening fees will also be shared equally to fund further outreach work with the film as well as MND/ALS research. We will not make any profits from this campaign.

  • We have an online tool that makes booking your own screening very simple. Partners such as MND/ALS charities embedding this tool on their own website and social media will receive a share of the fee for any screening booked through them. Please contact us if you are interested in being a partner, and we'll set this up for you.

  • You can sell tickets to your event. If you do, we'd ask you to donate any surplus from that to an MND/ALS charity in your region or country. If you've got a link where people can purchase tickets, you can enter it when you publish your event.

  • You can also ask for donations to an MND/ALS charity after the screening.

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