Pay it forward with I AM BREATHING

"We have yet to reach millions," Neil Platt reminds us. Well, here's a new way towards that goal.

Have you heard of the pay-it-forward concept? For example, someone in a coffee shop pays for a couple of coffees for random customers coming in later, and hopefully then these people will return the favour – but instead of paying it back to the donor, they'll be 'paying it forward' to yet other folk. Now, let's do the same with a film.

Do you know other people who should really see this film? 

In the player below, grab that marker on the sliding scale and select how many people you can give our film to – friends and strangers alike.

We need to get the word out about MND/ALS

Following payment, you can specify recipients for the vouchers. If you don't enter email addresses for all of the vouchers you paid for, the remaining ones will feed into a big pool that enables anyone to watch the film for free – as long as there are any vouchers in this pool. 

Check if there are any free streams available:

The film will be delivered as 'streaming rental' that has already been paid for. All recipients will be able to choose between the original English film and versions with English, Spanish, Danish, French Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Arabic or Portuguese subtitles.

Here's another thought: We keep repeating that I AM BREATHING, despite its subject matter, has been described as an "uplifting" film, "reminding us what life is for" (The Independent). Yet some people hesitate to watch the film because they think it would be too depressing. Now, we think the motivation for them to see our documentary will be higher when somebody else has actually already paid for them to watch the film. 

If recipients choose not to watch I AM BREATHING then their unused vouchers will revert into the big pool for everyone to use.

Not only are you enabling many other people to see the film, you are also supporting our awareness campaign, with any surplus generated feeding back into the fight against MND/ALS.

We have successfully tested this concept on a documentary film called FUTURE MY LOVE, for which we also made a short video explaining how it works. We hope it will work even better for I AM BREATHING. It's all part of a Portable Fundraiser toolkit developed by the Scottish Documentary Institute and Distrify with support from Nesta. Give it a try.

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