Is it suitable for everyone to watch?


I AM BREATHING shows, as truthfully as possible, the last few months of Neil's life. Softened in parts by Neil's sense of humour, this remains a very honest portrayal of the devastating affects of MND/ALS and as such it may not be suitable for young children. Do give consideration to ensuring that everyone invited to your screening is aware in advance of the subject matter, especially if they are living with MND themselves or caring for someone who has the disease – the website includes more information and a trailer to help people get a good idea in advance of what the film is like.

Or, as Slant Magazine put it:

"Platt's dry sense of humor gives the film some nice breaths of lightness, which is necessary, as even watching his most quotidian routines reek with the inescapable presence of mortality. Yet the film feels more philosophical than emotional, and its goal doesn't seem to be to make viewers cry at the unjustness of such a painful death. In fact, it seems to celebrate the honorability and joy with which Platt finished out his life."

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