Welcome to the new home of our film

Posted on
12 Oct 2012

Welcome to our new website for I AM BREATHING. We'll have some very exciting news to announce soon, but can't just yet...

In the meantime, we've imported blog posts from the provisional website we had for the film. Some of them will still make sense, others may not, but you'll soon find a whole lot of new information regarding the film as well as Neil's disease. 

Stay tuned!


Evening News article

Posted on
27 Jun 2011

Great Evening News article about Louise and our film.

[update: link is no longer working, pages were lost on the Scotsman server...]


Our Plans for 2011

Posted on
08 Jan 2011

2011 is upon us and we are waiting to hear back from a numerous financiers, and submitting to a number of funding organisations.  Fingerc crossed our co-production with Denmark is going to come to fruition, as we're big fans of Danish editors.

We're planning some shoots in the spring to bring Neil's blog to life. We can't recommend enough that you read his original blog at to see how Neil thought and wrote about his last year.

We are so grateful to Louise Platt for her ongoing support of the film, as well as the MND Association.

If you want to keep up to date with our film, please subscribe to this website so you will be the first to hear about our developments.


More 4 / True Stories on board

Posted on
15 Oct 2010

We're proud to say that More 4 / True Stories have come on board of the project. New commissioner for the strand, Anna Miralis is excited about the film, scheduled for delivery in early 2012. We're now confident to raise the remaining budget on the international scene.

YLE, the Finnish broadcaster is also confirmed.


Nordisk Forum: Bergen

Posted on
27 Jul 2010

Our project has been selected to guest pitch as part of the UK delegation at the Nordisk Panorama in Bergen, Norway this September. We are delighted to attend and present the project to international TV commissioners and financiers and talk about possible Scandinavian collaborations.


The Hardest Thing

Posted on
20 Jul 2010

"The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is that letter from me to Oscar trying to tell him who I am. How do you anticipate what someone might want to know about you 10, 15 or 20 years from now?”

Neill Platt (12 February 2009)


Neil Platt

Posted on
27 Jan 2010

"I can handle losing every one of my freedoms…except the ability to communicate."

Neill Platt

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