Accept a gift and watch the film for free

Some very generous people have used our pay-it-forward offer to let strangers watch our film! This page lets you check if there are vouchers available to watch I AM BREATHING for free. A message will appear below if there are some in the pool.

There will be no obligation to do anything. If you like the film, it would be very nice if you could return the favour – just not to the person who gave you the film. The thing to do is gift the film to yet others so they can then watch it for free, too. Instead of paying something back, you pay it forward.

And now, fingers crossed... 

Vouchers are limited so please do not click the link to redeem your gift if you have already seen the film. It would mean the message of the film wouldn't reach as many people as it should. Instead, please consider paying it forward. Thank you!

Any questions? Just post in comments below and we'll get back to you.

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