We accept the MND/ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Louise Oswald was Neil Platt's wife and has supported the I AM BREATHING campaign so much by sharing the devastating story of his disease in our film, in her blog posts and talks, and – inevitably – in this Ice Bucket Challenge... 

Nominated by Louise, the campaigning team behind the our film has accepted the challenge in Edinburgh today...

We'd like to stress that the Ice Bucket Challenge was started to raise awareness of a devastating, incurable, debilitating, terminal and little-known disease called motor neurone disease (a.k.a. ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease) – and not for any other purpose you may see it being used for. We've each made our donations to the MND Association and MND Scotland and ask you to do the same. This is us:

Sonja Henrici nominates the film's Scottish BAFTA-winning directors, Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon, as well as actress Tilda Swinton.

Rebecca Day nominates Susan Webster at MND Scotland, Stephen Waters and Islay Roberts.

And I nominate our Danish co-producer Sigrid Dyekjær, Kezia Dugdale MSP who has promised to arrange a screening of I AM BREATHING in the Scottish Parliament, and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

In the UK, you can donate by texting ICED55 (for MND Association) or ICED14 (for MND Scotland) followed by the amount in £ to the number 70070. Join us!

And here is co-director Morag McKinnon's Challenge

And here is Matt Platt's very moving tribute to his family.

And lastly here is co-director Emma Davie's Challenge

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