Attention all runners & wannabes!

Afternoon all,
The annual London Marathon is not far away, on the 26th of April 2009.  If any of you out there are looney enough to think of running a marathon without having to be chased by a herd of really upset wildebeest then we have a polite request to you all.  Our request is obviously to make the Motor Neurone Disease Association your designated charity.  Unfortunately, the public ballot is now closed so hopefully our publicity campaign reached enough of you in time.  If not, please remember our story and register 2010.
All my love,

The Plattitude was now reaching a large number of readers, enough for the MND Association to ask us to put out this message.

In 2010, another fit, young and healthy man was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Mark Maddox, a father of three and former professional footballer, went against the advice of his doctors this year to become the first MND patient to complete the London Marathon. Mark had to enter the marathon without being able to train at all due to his condition and unbelievably crossed the finish line in 6 hours 40 minutes.

If Neil had known of this man’s efforts he would have been shouting about it to every corner of the globe! You can still support Mark at his Just Giving page.

Since Neil died, many of his friends and family have taken up challenges in aid of motor neurone disease research: triathlons, marathons, racing with a sack of coal uphill for a mile, growing moustaches! I found myself signing up to trek the Great Wall of China with the MND Association in 2011, and had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s wonderful to think that Neil inspired many of those who knew and loved him to challenge themselves and really appreciate what a healthy fit body can do.


Neil’s cousin Jill at the World Coal Carrying Championship 2013. Jill has completed this challenge every year since Neil died in 2009.

Neil’s friend Rick at the Blenheim Palace triathlon in 2009


Rick and Jon, another friend and work colleague of Neil’s after completing the Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

My two beautiful cousins Aly and Gregor after completing the Edinburgh Marathon in 2009. Gregor will be repeating the challenge again this year on the 26th May.


Our good friend Stephen about to start the London triathlon in 2009.

Rick and Stephen after completing the London triathlon, Oscar and I travelled down to support.

Below: Me having a wonderful time at the Great Wall of China, part of my healing. – Louise (2013)

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