Lazy Monday afternoon...

Hi everybody,
My rather hectic weekend has been followed by a somewhat lazy Monday afternoon. My mind was so busy chasing around the things I had to do this week that it kept me awake until 2am. This resulted in me sleeping until 11.30 this morning when mum arrived back from her weekend at home.

After lunch I was treated to a session of Reiki which seemed to fix a niggling problem in my throat, as well as leaving me very relaxed.

Fascinating fact 1: Did you know that Louise and I have both been attuned to practice Reiki on ourselves and others? I was a sceptic too until I tried it. There’s definitely something in it, you should have a go.

I was still in bed at about 1pm when my brother popped in to say hello.  After having a very thoughtful time to myself over the last few days, it really hit me how lucky I was.  Matthew’s gentle efficiency in moving me around the bed and then into my chair speaks volumes about his nature.  His modesty will also make him hate me for writing this.  Unconstrained by health and safety regulations, Matt has always handled me as though he has been caring for disabled people his entire life and not just since he was 15 (when he looked after dad in the same way).  So I thought I’d say a quick thank-you to him in front of you all so he would know how much I meant it.  Thanks ‘r kid, I couldn’t ask for any better.

Your comments continue to be a buttress to our morale, I only wish I had the time, energy and air to reply to them all individually.  That said, if I am ignoring a particularly pertinent point or a question then feel free to remind me as frequently as you like.

I’m going to sign off now as I think Coronation Street has finished.  You can tell she’s back.
All my love,
Neil x

It was great that the hospice could give Neil the privacy to spend time with Matt on his own, something which they didn’t get to experience at the house. Having one-to-one conversations with certain loved ones was a big part of Neil’s to-do list.

I remember Matt and I discussing this trip to the hospice one evening, we had both separately been worrying that Neil was going to try to use it as his last trip and request the ventilator to be switched off. His mood had been very up and down, one day good, the next day dark, and I suspect that Neil had the same thought as Matt and I running through his head, making him very unsettled. I didn’t ever want him to have to make that decision, but that was the position he was in, and it must have been a constant source of anxiety for him.

The next few days, however, proved that Neil wasn’t ready to die and he still had purpose in the life he was living.

On a lighter note… Neil had been sceptical about Reiki until my brother likened it to using ‘the force’, and then his inner Jedi jumped on board. – Louise (2013)

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"Fascinating fact 1: Did you know that Louise and I have both been attuned to practice Reiki?" #Plattitude
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