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Hi everyone,
I know it’s early in the day for a post, but I’m beginning to think that someone somewhere has got it in for my clan.  First, I get struck down by motor neurone disease at the most precious time of my life.  Secondly, my cousin Timothy died absolutely without warning of a brain haemorrhage late last year.  Thirdly, my auntie Margaret (mother to Timothy and sister to my mum) has this morning been admitted to hospital after suffering stroke-like symptoms thought initially to be transient ischemic attacks. It appeared that is not the case and she now has to undergo further tests over the next three or four days.

My mum is obviously worried about her sister.  Just as I am extremely concerned for the welfare of my mum.  A camel can carry a great number of straws, but I’m not sure how far off the last straw our camel is.

I thought it was good luck that was supposed to come in threes.

Although I am not qualified, I am trying to send Reiki to my mum and auntie Margaret in the hope that we are given no more straws to carry.  If anyone else would like to do the same, pray, chant, dance naked around the coffee table or whatever it is that you do in situations like this, all help is greatly appreciated.

I hope to be back later with more news and it better be good.
Ever hopeful,
Neil x 

We had a lovely garden at our house, and it was something the landlord had been keen that we look after. When I think of Neil’s auntie Margaret, that’s where I remember her; with her sister in the garden helping us to look after it and keep it beautiful.

Aunty Margaret was such an important part of his mother Lynne’s life. She was her older sister, who she had been close to and lived near all her life. Neil knew that Margaret was a great support to Lynne, a constant through all of life’s ups and downs. It made him feel even more frustrated to be stuck in a chair, unable to be of any physical, practical help or even to raise a comforting arm. – Louise (2013)


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Sad news on today's #Plattitude. (We're republishing a post a day in the run-up to our Global Day.) #MND #ALS
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February 4, 2009 at 4:05 pm
I read your blog every single day to keep updated and have wrote on here before. My aunt died 8 years ago of MND and you and your family are doing an amazing job to raise the profile and awareness of MND. I know exactly, how you feel,i had a bad run of bad luck, not wanting to rant, but my grandma died, dad lost his job, uncle rushed into hospital nearly died in operation, my car in a massive fire, accident in car, i got knocked down, then my grandad died, this was all in the space of 12 months!!! The only thing that helped me get through all of this was my family and friends being there and supporting.

Take Care


February 4, 2009 at 4:10 pm
Me again, just thought I would add, so many times, I thought why me, why my family, what on earth have I ever done for me and my family to deserve this, but in the end I just had to see it that all these things, are just completely out of peoples control!


Aunty Pau’s & Uncle Mel
February 4, 2009 at 4:53 pm
Hi Neil
As you so rightly say what has the family done to deserve all this I don’t recall any of us breaking mirrors or running over black cats etc etc.
We seem to have had more that our fair share of bad luck what with cousin Catherine loosing her fight with cancer last year.
I won’t go dancing round coffee tables etc – the image is too awful to contemplate but you know you are all in our thoughts and if there is anything we can do to help just let us know. Mobile never switched off – just in case.
Tell Lynne try not to worry too much otherwise she will be making herself ill.
Love to all

Aunty Pau’s

Andrea Kler
February 4, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I have just read your blog and have rung your Mum straight away.

I have told her that I am here for her whenever she needs me and I will be going round to see her tomorrow to help out anyway I can.

You take care all of you and all my love.

Andy xxx

February 5, 2009 at 12:46 am
Sara & I will get onto it with the Reiki.

I am going to suggest the coffee table idea to her too. We don’t have a coffee table though but it might help with the laughter therapy.

Get your Mum to watch some of these videos – it’s very hard not to feel a bit better when your laughing!

February 5, 2009 at 3:31 pm
Hi Neil,Louise,Oscar
Hope you don’t mind me ‘hijacking’ your blog but I feel as though I must put my thoughts into words.I saw the article that BBC Look North did in December,and the subsequent piece in the Daily Mail.Since then I have read your blog every day.The Look North piece in particular I found very moving as Oscar is a similar age to my own Son.It got me wondering how my own young family would cope in such circumstances. As a result I have dusted off the trainers and am attempting (snow permitting)to get fit enough to take part in the Great Yorkshire Run in September,to raise funds for the MND Association.My fundraising page is and although there are no donations yet,this is entirely due to the fact that work is very busy and no-one knows of my efforts yet.As I said before,I find your story very moving and often have to read the blog at home,otherwise I would be sat at my desk with tears in my eyes.
All the best.
Jason Firth.
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