Thank you, thank you, thank you

Fundraising efforts by readers of our blog and now The Yorkshire post are gathering momentum and as such I would like to say a few thankyous.

One of the companies involved with my palliative care, Waldern Heath Homecare, have made a number of commitments. Manager Nicky Pagett has pledged all monies raised through charity events in 2009 to the MND Association, and in addition to this will also be donating the proceeds of their Christmas raffle. I’d also like to thank Chris Middleton, one of my carers, who stops smoking on January 1st and will donate all sponsorship money to the MNDA. Good luck Chris, have one for me!

Rossett High School are having a charity football match in aid of both MNDA and the Meningitis fund. Good luck to the team, we’ll all be cheering you on with the rest of the school.

They say charity begins at home and so it does. Thank you to Mum, Aunty Margaret, Uncle Peter, Uncle Bill, and everyone else who either participated in the organising or who attended their fundraising coffee morning. Thanks also to Tingley Methodist Chapel who kindly donated the venue. £200 has been raised for the MNDA and will be issued to them via my dad's tribute fund.

No sum of money is too small to make a huge difference to the life of someone with MND.

I would be delighted to promote any of your fundraising efforts on the blog, so just let me know and obviously everyone gets a thankyou.

Much love

The first beat of the butterfly's wings. Even though I had hated seeing our story in the newspaper, there’s no doubt it spoke to people. Neil was truly touched by every effort of fundraising, no matter how big or small. From this moment on, his blog entries steadily became more regular until they were once every two days at the least.

I can see from my emails at the time Neil wrote this blog entry, the Yorkshire Post article had only been published a few days before, and we had already been contacted by three freelance journalists and a local television news editor. I had to put a call in to the MND Association to ask if someone could coordinate it all for me, I was not coping with it very well. I didn’t know what to say ‘yes’ to or ‘no’ to, I didn’t know about publication pecking order and I wasn’t used to speaking with journalists, there was a certain sense of probing urgency that seemed to come with the territory. They were reacting to our press release and had most likely noted that we had no idea how long Neil would live.

I’m sure another hook in the story was that Christmas was fast approaching and we didn’t know if Neil was going to be there. It was another horrible and devastating truth we were having to live with that made us newsworthy. – Louise (2013)

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#Plattitude revisited: Neil thanks the @MNDAssoc fundraisers while Louise tries to cope with journalists' calls.
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