Talk about a long weekend!

Evening all,
It certainly feels like it has been and it has left me thoroughly exhausted. You will know about tsunamis from our earlier posts, well, one has passed through this weekend. All is well now so you needn’t worry about any of us. I am however too tired to write the usual witty prose and simply dropped in to let you know that I’m still here!

I will do my very best to make up for it tomorrow, providing something interesting happens of course!
All my love,
Neil x

PS: It’s great to hear from Mr Ibbotson. I remember our first band, playing electric guitar in the garage and our big break gigging at Westerton junior school! Thank you for the music! I always remember being jealous of you playing lead guitar, my classically trained fingers would never seem to let me be anywhere near your seemingly natural ability. And you could play the banjo and mandolin! Never stop playing Daz. x

Neil loved to play his guitar, I remember watching him play it to Oscar as I decorated the Christmas tree in 2007, Oscar’s first Christmas. I remember watching his hands. This was before Neil went through all the tests, but we had already started to worry that he could have motor neurone disease. I remember watching his hands and thinking that it couldn’t possibly be such a bad diagnosis as he played with such intricate dexterity. I found it hard to imagine that anything could take that away.

I still have one of Neil’s guitars, in it’s case, waiting for Oscar to show an interest in playing music. I know how much Neil would have loved to teach him and tell him stories of how much fun he had through playing the guitar. It even got him out of trouble when he ran out of cash in Canada, he managed to find a bar that would pay him to play. Oscar’s a little young yet, but I would love to see him play that guitar in the future. – Louise (2013)

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With a UK bank holiday weekend ahead of us, a good #Plattitude fit: "Talk about a long weekend!" #MND #ALS
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