"We have yet to reach millions."

Here are some ways how you can help spread the word about I AM BREATHING and MND/ALS. Like Neil Platt said in his blog, "we have yet to reach millions."

Sign and share our petition

Many cinemas took part in our Global Screening Day and hosted one-off events, but now is the time to build on this momentum and get the film into more cinemas all over the place. We have started a petition for you to sign so we can convince more programmers to show the film: www.iambreathing.com/petition – please sign it yourself and then get as many other people as possible to sign the petition as well. You'll get an email confirmation that you can forward to all your friends.

Convince others to host screenings

If you know anybody who could put up their own screening, please send them to www.iambreathing.com/register

Reach out to the media

You can find tips on contacting your local media in this PDF. If you know any journalists, tell them how well our Global Screening Day went and that we are still welcoming screenings from hosts around the world to continue raising awareness. 

Share and embed the player

Use this link to our player when sharing it on social media. If you can embed this player on your own website, please find the HTML code by clicking the Embed button on the top right of the player. If you are part of an MND/ALS organisation you can use this player for your own fundraising by receiving a partner share of 25 percent. Details here.

Help build a community around the film

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Film by Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon
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