Become a Partner

If you work for an MND/ALS organisation, we'd like to propose a partnership to you that would enable more screenings of the film but also generate funds for your own organisation in order to support MND/ALS research and care.

The idea is that you could embed our Distrify player (as seen above) in your website, blog, or social media. Apart from showing the trailer and listing all screenings, our player has unique features: it allows viewers to watch the entire film instantly (streaming rental), to make a donation or host their own screening of the film – all on whichever website this player has been embedded in.

If you embed the player, we would like to offer your organisation a partner share of 25% of any income that is generated through this particular embed. This 25% would be taken from screening fees or sales of the film to third parties through your player. For example, if someone else books a screening for $80, you would get $20 for your own organisation.

This offer is conditional on your commitment that all of the funds generated at your end will support your MND/ALS awareness work, research, or care. (Of course, we will make sure the same happens to any net proceeds at our end.)

These are the five steps you’d need to take:

  1. Register with our tech provider Distrify for free, or log in if you have an account with Distrify. (This is separate from a registration on our own website.)

  2. Reload this page here, click on the Share or Embed buttons in the upper right corner of the player, and copy the link or code you are given. (This should now contain your unique partner code but only if you’ve logged in with Distrify first).

  3. Email us once you’ve done that, telling us about your organisation and giving us the email address you used for Distrify so we can set up the special affiliate share of 25% for you.

  4. Go ahead and share and embed the player wherever you like. As log as you stay logged in, this will always contain your partner code.

  5. Drop us another line when you’re done, so we can make sure everything looks fine and includes the right partner code.

Thank you for supporting our film and the global fight against MND/ALS.

Film by Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon
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