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Hi guys and girls,

Woke up this morning feeling extremely tired, I can only attribute this to the weekend’s excitement. I had hoped as the day progressed I would become less tired, alas this is not the case. So rather than try and make something interesting out of a particularly dull day, I think I will conserve my strength and bits of news until tomorrow.

I couldn’t even be bothered to argue with my computer so it’s thanks to the little brother that the Plattitude received my message this evening.
Until tomorrow,
much love

Good day, bad day. It’s a wonder that there ever were good days.

He had been talking a lot over the weekend, not just with friends but also his important interview which had taken a couple of attempts. Talking was, as Neil has said previously, like running a marathon for him, but it was also an extremely important part of his life and an ability that he was well aware may have a time limit.

I really feel for Neil again reading this post. The reason that he wrote anything at all would have been to read the comments that came in, they really kept him going.

I’m sure many people stop to think before reaching out to someone who they know is going through a hard time, perhaps wonder if a message will be well received, or if it’s better just to leave it and say nothing.

In Neil’s case, communication made life worth living, whether that be with myself, Oscar, friends or even the strangers who got in touch that he never got the chance to meet. It made his day and without communication he was not willing to go on. – Louise (2013)

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'Good day, bad day. It’s a wonder that there ever were good days.' #Plattitude #ALS #MND
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