Not even the T-shirt can help me!

Good evening everybody,
I’m afraid due to last night being anything but restful, I am once again struggling to gather the air which enables me to string a sentence together.  You will therefore understand if I am, mercifully perhaps, brief this evening.


©2009 Mark Pinder

I had hoped that my brand new Chuck Norris T-shirt would infuse me with a new lease of life, but alas even he couldn’t round-house me into action.

Here is hoping that he works his magic over night, I’m sleeping in it just in case!
Much love,
Neil x


When I was pregnant with Oscar, Neil came home from the supermarket one day quite chuffed to tell me that a male member of staff had stopped whatever he was doing and just stared at him. The staff member then realised what he was doing and said ‘I’m sorry for staring, it’s just that you have such an impressive beard, well done man!’

When Neil grew his ‘winter face’, it was surprising how many beard compliments he attracted from strangers, and more often than not, they would also comment on his likeness to Chuck Norris, legendary martial arts film star famous for his ‘roundhouse kick’. Neil loved this, he even insisted on hanging a picture of Chuck Norris up the hall for a while, like the T-shirt, someone had given it to him as a gift.


What Neil doesn’t mention here, is that it was Valentine’s Day. After the heartbreaking signature on my birthday card way back in October, which he needed help with, I think we both just completely ignored this ‘Hallmark holiday’ and treated it as just that. Dates are things which I have learned can be quite destructive and I try to give them less power over my emotions; acknowledge my feelings when I’m feeling them and not because of a date in the calendar. – Louise (2013)

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commented 2013-06-11 22:27:31 +0100
Alex Somerville
February 14, 2009 at 9:23 pm
Keep gathering air Neil…. our thoughts are with you… sleep well and hopefully the T shirt will work.
Love Alex and Marian

February 14, 2009 at 9:36 pm
Hi Neil even heroes like you and Chuck Norris need to rest some times.
You know they say Chuck Norris tears can cure cancer ( unfortunately he never cry’s ) I bet MND would make him cry like a baby

I like the one about when Chuck Norris does push up’s, he doesn’t push himself up,
he pushes the world down. LOL..

Woo! Wait a minute,,,,,,,,,,

I can see the resemblance now you mention it.
You both have beards,
your both heroes,
your both exceptionally nice guys,
and Bruce lee, could kick the F…! out of both of you. LOL.

Well “Chuck” is still with us,
“Bruce” is long gone, though
“I” have read his biography, and “I” have met you in person,
so “I” would have to say out of the heroes I mentioned
I would have to choose…………
Yep hands down,
no contest it has to be..
“I”……….. being of cause ( Neil x x x)
Love Neil

February 14, 2009 at 10:56 pm

Of course you realise that wearing a Chuck Norris T Shirt will imbue you with the man’s qualities. Namely, you will grow another fist in your chin (old Family Guy gag).



February 15, 2009 at 5:15 pm
Hi Neil,

My thoughts and prayers are with you, body might be weak but am sure your spirit is strong.

All the best and God bless

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