Daily Mail, Take Three!

Hi everybody,
As the title may indicate, we have news.  We have received a call from the Daily Mail this evening in which they have confirmed that article is definitely going to run in tomorrow’s edition.

Please tell all your friends to tell all their friends to buy a copy (plus an extra copy for others who might have forgotten!).

Finally it has been brought to my attention that my hair colour in said photographs may be slightly different from its natural colour brown-blonde.  Well even so, it is natural and did not take 15 attempts and £200 to look exactly the same as mine.  (This was an unwarranted personal attack at my wife so this may well be my last ever message.)

Much love,

There were times of laughter in our house, and for Neil, this had certainly been one of them!

Neil barely made the pee bottle one evening, as I tried to make good a disastrous trip to the hairdresser with a home dye kit. Unhappy with the strawberry blonde colour from one hairdresser, I had gone to a second one who made me look worse. My hair had been bleached so blonde that I felt it looked like I had a lit torch permanently attached to my head. Unwilling to risk another expensive bill I decided to walk out of the hairdresser and straight in to the nearest pharmacy to get a home dye.

As I emerged from the bathroom, with now orange hair, Neil’s laughter was uncontrollable as he knew he had lined up the photographer for the Daily Mail to come to the house the next day. Between my hair colour and heavy make-up I had used to cover up the dose of conjunctivitis Oscar had brought home from nursery for me, I was barely recognisable.

It seemed there was a penance for vanity in this situation and Neil was loving it. Thankfully, these photos were never used and the paper went with an older picture of Neil holding Oscar just after he was born. (Much to Neil’s disappointment!) – Louise (2013)


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Neil announces the Daily Mail article which has a rather funny back story involving Louise's hair. #Plattitude
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Neil announces the Daily Mail article which has a rather funny back story involving Louise's hair. #Plattitude http://www.iambreathingfilm.com/daily_mail_take_three?recruiter_id=2
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