Calling all readers!

Good afternoon all,
Thank you for the multitude of encouraging comments posted regarding our special visitor yesterday. The common theme seemed to be seething envy! It was a boyhood dream for me too!

Obviously, yesterday’s post is impossible to follow with any of our daily news. Therefore, today’s edition isn’t news but an appeal. We would like to ask all of our readers and all of their friends, plus anyone their friends know, to help both ourselves and the Motor Neurone Disease Association in our search for prominent public figures who would be willing to lend their support to raising awareness of the condition. It is important that any suggestions you may have are either directly connected to you and/or have previously been touched by MND; this is simply to avoid “cold calling” and to ensure that said public figure is willing and appropriate.

We will be back tomorrow with more news when the excitement of yesterday has simmered down! In the meantime, we would be very grateful if you can don your thinking caps and help us raise the profile of the MNDA to greater heights.
much love,
Neil x

Neil wrote this post in response to feedback from the MND Association about Savile’s visit. I had already been in discussion with them and I knew that any celebrities linked to the charity should really have a strong personal connection to the disease, making them much more qualified to talk about it. Celebrity charity endorsement is a complicated job.

I had sent my contact at the association an email the morning of the visit.

‘Unfortunately, I tried but I couldn’t stop the Savile, he’s coming round this afternoon! I think it’s a big mistake to get him involved as his credibility went way down after the Louis Theroux documentary, and let’s face it, I was thinking much younger and sexier, but we caved at the point the phone rang. Can’t really say ‘no thanks’!'

I also sent a friend a similar email with much stronger wording, but I can’t really share that here as it contains far too many expletives.

I’ll never know if Savile knew or cared that Neil died as little as two weeks after his visit. Thankfully there was no further contact from him. – Louise (2013)

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