We have been saved!

This is a very quick note to Douglas.
Just wanted to say thank you for setting up the Plattitude in the first place.  We have been incredibly lucky with our subscribers taking such a full part in the debates and helping raise the profile of MND.

Secondly, I’d like to thank you for nearly bumping me off last night with a heart attack!  This may have been preferable, but my affairs were not in order.  So thank you for saving the Plattitude!

And finally, thank you for looking after all of this for me.  A real brother you are and so I have felt you have always been.

If I ever find a solution to the grass cow thing on the other side, and I’ll pop back and let you know!

Much love,

Thankfully The Plattitude was now fully back up and running and family harmony restored. It had given us all a fright to see what life would have been like without it, and you can tell from this post how much the mood of the household was lifted by its return. Its absence had also made Neil realise how much more he wanted to achieve.

The ‘grass cow thing’ is reference to the question ‘If cows only eat grass, how come they’re made of meat?’, a question that would be utterly spoilt by a proper scientific answer and best left as a late-night drunken discussion. It amused Neil to daydream that he might get answers to life’s questions from ‘the other side’. Neither of us were religious but that doesn’t mean our minds weren’t open to the possibility of an afterlife. It appealed to Neil’s mischievous sense of humour that there was the forthcoming possibility he may finally develop a superpower in the form of haunting. There wasn’t much else he could use to amuse himself about the future. – Louise (2013)

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