The calm before the storm?

Hi everybody! Happy 2009 again!
All of your resolutions decided upon and implemented I hope? I wish you good luck with them all, from the serious to the preposterous.

I decided not to make any resolutions this year, didn’t want to hedge my bets if you know what I mean. I’m just going to carry on doing what I’ve been doing since this all started because, quite frankly, it seems to have brought out the best in me. Things that people have been saying both on and off the blog are incredibly encouraging, and it must be that I am the kind of horse that responds better to the carrot than the stick, as I find myself throwing myself into everything from life at home and family, to plundering every possible source I can think of to further our campaign to raise awareness and funding for MND.

I really do feel that the end of 2008 saw a serious increase in awareness, and certainly some of your messages are proof that we are reaching a previously untapped audience. However, I do realise that the amount I can do is limited. Not only because I have limited time, but while I am here I have limited energy. I am using all of the resources that I can access, and in turn they are using theirs.

If we are to turn this mild spring breeze of a campaign into the wind that uprooted trees and demolished houses, we are really going to need your help. Anybody you know, anything you can do, or even any information you have may help. Myself, Louise, and Oscar are willing to give it everything we’ve got, for as long as we’ve got into making this campaign as successful as possible. So please fire some ideas through and let’s start the storm brewing.

I can’t wait to hear from you,
Much love,

Christmas and New Year were over and so was the pressure of the expectation that we should have some joy in our lives at this time of year. We had still given in to tradition and gone through the motions just like any other year, partly for Oscar’s sake, although he was too young to acknowledge much of the activity, but also to feel a bit of normality.

Christmas had forced Neil into reflecting upon his life a little more and it seemed to do him good. The pressure of reaching another milestone in the calendar now lifted, and fuelled by the good times we had managed to have and the responses from his blog posts, he was energised and up for a fight with motor neurone disease. – Louise (2013)

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