Daily Mail, Take Two

Hello Everybody,
We have been as reliably informed as one can be in such things that our appearance in The Daily Mail is scheduled for tomorrow. As excited as we are, we would urge caution and have a quick leaf through before buying this time!! Obviously if you are a Daily Mail reader please don’t let this discourage you from buying one anyway!
Much love

The communications officer at the MND Association sent me an email early the next morning to let me know the interview had not been published, again. My reply read:

"How frustrating! Unfortunately Neil has had a really bad night. I’m waiting for a doctor and letting him sleep so I’ve not had a chance to break it to him yet.

I suspect the mood is going to be a bit weird here today. Probably best to email rather than phone as you won’t get much sense out of either of us due to last night."

Neil was running out of time to reach further than the local news, and this interview had been an opportunity to be heard nationally. The telephone interview had been enough to physically wipe him out for two days, and now there was a possibility he might not live to see it published. It had not been good news to wake up to and it was difficult for Neil go through the emotions of being ‘shelved’ for a second time.

He didn’t manage to write a post on the blog this day. – Louise (2013)

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Would the Daily Mail publish their interview with Neil the next day – or let them down again? #Plattitude #MND http://www.iambreathingfilm.com/daily_mail_take_two?recruiter_id=2
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