Back on the big screens!

This picture may look familiar to many. Just before our Global Screening Day, the MND Association had been offered advertising space all across the London Underground and railway stations in England – and they chose to promote I AM BREATHING. (Thank you to everyone who sent us photos of the billboards.) 


Many of you hosted screenings, tweeted, blogged, and shared our campaign with others. A petition to get the film into more cinemas passed its target of 2,000 signatures within days, with many people suggesting cinemas we then contacted.

All this matters so much given how difficult it is for a small documentary to get onto the big screens. After more than 250 community events and festival screenings, and backed by the MNDA poster campaign and your petition, we've now been able to convince more cinemas across the UK to show the film. 

This Thursday, 22 August, you'll be able to catch the film in three  Picturehouses in London, one in Leeds, and the Hippodrome in Bo'ness, Scotland.

This is a direct result of your support, and once again we rely on you to spread the word: tell your friends, family, and colleagues about it. For the latest screening times and ticket links, please keep checking our screenings page

Of course, we're not done with the MND/ALS campaign yet. As Neil Platt put it, "we have yet to reach millions." Next, 'Neil' will be travelling to New York City.

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