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"Intimate documentary examining a normal-but-remarkable man and wife's handling of his fatal disease ranks among the year's most moving films."
The Hollywood Reporter (more reactions here)


I AM BREATHING reminds us what it is to be alive – a tale of fun and laughs with a smattering of upset and devastation.

Within a year, Neil Platt goes from being a healthy 30-something British bloke with a great sense of humour to becoming completely paralysed from the neck down, thanks to the devastating illness he has inherited – known as ALS, MND, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. As his body gets weaker, his perspective on life changes. His humour remains, but new wisdom emerges:

"It's amazing how adaptable we are when we have to be.
It's what separates us and defines us as human beings."

Knowing he only has a few months left to live, and while he still has the ability to speak, Neil puts together a letter and memory box for his baby son Oscar and communicates his experience and thoughts about life in a blog – and in this film which he was determined to make. The directness of his communication mingles with images of the sensory details of a life well lived, and makes us revalue the ordinary.     

His blog posts form the film’s narration as he tells his own story through memories and impressions of his life – the sheer joy of falling in love, of partying with his mates, of fast motorbike rides. Through his determination to share his final journey, he makes us ask questions about our own lives.  

The film is 73 minutes long.

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What an amazing piece of work. I found it delicate yet devastating. It was so respectfully made, so tender and decent yet unflinching. It was a portrait of a man and an illness, almost as two separate entities. It just blew me away. Well done Emma and Morag, this is an important film but also a work of depth and beauty.
commented 2012-12-15 01:55:14 +0000
A beautiful way to tell Neil, Louise and Oscar’s story. We miss Neil and long to see Louise and Oscar again soon. Bring this to Calgary. Michelle Kay
commented 2012-12-07 11:24:35 +0000
I Am Breathing is a solid testament to a sorely missed friend. Beautifully crafted, tragic and even funny. Emma and Morag have brilliantly brought to the screen Neil’s wish to show us what a devastating disease MND was for him, and is for thousands of ‘silent’ sufferers. Please see this film.
commented 2012-11-29 18:11:13 +0000
What a beautiful and wonderfully crafted film. Made me remember why I love documentary so much and also reminded me to cherish the small and seemingly ordinary moments in life. I hope it reaches a wide audience.
commented 2012-11-26 15:29:34 +0000
I was present at the premiere in Amsterdam and was deeply moved by this film. It was at the same time both a heart wrenching journey with Neil as he battled his illness and sought to leave a legacy for his son, but also a life affirming experience with a challenge to the audience not to miss the immediacy of life, and the beauty in the everyday. Many thanks
commented 2012-11-18 01:02:16 +0000
I saw this tonight at the documentary film festival in Amsterdam. It is immensely powerful and eye-opening with regard to Motor Neurone Disease. You will cry and you will rethink life. I am thankful for the family for sharing this experience!
commented 2012-11-15 21:31:40 +0000
congratulation dear Emma.. IMAN
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filmed someone with motor neurone disease over an eight week period, until they died – when I was 17. It had a profound impact on me – I’m really keen to find out more about this film, I had no idea about it. Thanks for posting it.
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I AM BREATHING: The thin space between life and death. Watch Trailer here. via @breathingfilm
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